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Who is Lawton? In the transfer window this summer, Tottenham made great efforts to bring in central defenders. Mourinho had hoped to bring Inter Milan’s Skriniar or Chelsea’s Rudiger before the European transfer window closed last week. To the team, it turned out empty-handed. , Tottenham has reached a personal agreement with Skriniar, and he is also eager to transfer to England, but neither Tottenham nor Inter Milan have successfully reached an agreement. At the same time, for Rudiger, he did not want to join the rivals in the same city, causing dissatisfaction with the Blues fans. , However, now Mourinho’s team does not need to worry about the thickness of the central defender. Although Joe Roton’s transfer was postponed to Friday last week, Tottenham finally got this in negotiations with Swansea. A highly regarded Welsh central defender. , Both Manchester United and Manchester City have had scandals about their transfers with Rowton before, but Tottenham won the young player, who has the conditions and ability to succeed in the Premier League. His biggest feature is his ability to easily destroy the threat ball in the penalty area, and he also has a certain ability to play the ball, playing a vital role in Swansea. , In the 18-19 season, under the leadership of former coach Porter (now the head coach of Brighton), Rowton seized the opportunity and achieved breakthrough growth. The young man integrated into the team system, averaging 60.6 passes per game. With a pass success rate of 86.6%, Swansea was able to attack from the back line. After Steve Cooper took over, Swansea’s play tactics were slightly different. Swansea’s number of passes decreased and their average possession rate dropped from 56.0% to 51.9%, but Rowton averaged The pass can also reach 52 times. Mourinho asked his defenders to play off the ball from the backcourt, instead of passing the ball directly to Harry Kane. Tottenham also reflected in their games and statistics that they slowly tried to "possess the ball" and "like short passes" "The style of ", these two methods reflect the advantages of Lawton. Three of Tottenham's top five passers this season are central defenders (Toby, Dale and Sanchez), so in terms of possession, Rodden should be able to integrate well with Tottenham. In addition, the Welshman is 192cm tall. He is good at defending high-altitude balls, but he also needs to make full use of his height advantage. Since the beginning of 2018/19, Rodden's success rate for the top is only 63.5%. There is still room for improvement in this area, but fortunately he is still young and has plenty of time to enhance the quality of his game. , In addition, Lawton has an excellent sense of position. It is precisely because of the strengthening of defense awareness that he has improved his reputation. He averaged 1.6 interceptions per game, and this season has risen to 2.3 per game. Toby is also this type of player. He relies more on taking the most reasonable way to relieve the pressure on Tottenham’s defense at the right time and in the right place, rather than relying on reckless tackles. As an excellent role model, Roton can help him take this aspect of the game to a higher level under the Belgian's watch. , With the help of Welsh national team teammates Bell and Ben Davis, it is not a problem for Rowton to adapt to the team. This year, he may not be the club's first choice, but Tottenham has found the last piece of the puzzle. This potential central defender will grow rapidly in a good environment and become an indestructible wall in the future.

劳顿是谁? 在今年夏天的转会窗口中,热刺竭尽全力引进中后卫。穆里尼奥曾希望在上周欧洲转会窗口关闭之前带来国际米兰的斯科里尼尔或切尔西的鲁迪格。对于团队来说,结果空手而归。 , 托特纳姆热刺队已经与斯克里尼亚尔达成个人协议,他也渴望转会到英格兰,但是托特纳姆热刺队和国际米兰都没有成功达成协议。同时,对于鲁迪格来说,他不想加入同一个城市的对手,这引起了蓝军球迷的不满。 , 但是,如今穆里尼奥的团队无需担心中央yabo88亚博后卫的身高。尽管乔·罗顿(Joe Roton)的转会推迟到上周五,但热刺最终还是与斯旺西(Swansea)进行了谈判。一个备受推崇的威尔士中央后卫。 , 曼联和曼城此前都曾与罗顿转会过丑闻,但托特纳姆热刺赢得了这位年轻球员,后者具备在英超联赛中取得成功的条件和能力。他的最大特点是能够轻松在禁区内破坏威胁球,并且具有一定的打球能力,在斯旺西扮演着至关重要的角色。 , 在18-19赛季,在前教练波特(现为布莱顿的总教练)的领导下,罗顿抓住了机遇,并取得了突破性的增长。这位年轻人融入了球队系统,平均每场比赛传球60.6次。斯旺西的传球成功率为86.6%首页,能够在后场发动进攻。史蒂夫·库珀(Steve Cooper)接任后,斯旺西(Swansea)的比赛战术略有不同。斯旺西的传球次数减少了,他们的平均拥有率从56.0%下降到51.9%,但罗顿的平均传球次数也可以达到52次。穆里尼奥要求他的后卫从后场发球,而不是直接将球传给哈里·凯恩。托特纳姆热刺还在他们的比赛和统计数据中反yabo88亚博映出他们慢慢尝试着“拥有球”和“像短传”“风格”,这两种方法都体现了劳顿的优势。热刺本赛季前五名的传球手中有三位是中央后卫(托比,戴尔和桑切斯),因此在控球方面,罗登应该能够与热刺完美融合。 此外,威尔士人身高192厘米。他擅首页长防守高空球,但他还需要充分利用自己的身高优势。自2018/19年初以来,罗登的榜首成功率仅为63.5%。在这方面仍有改进的空间,但幸运的是他还很年轻,并且有足够的时间来提高自己的比赛质量。 , 另外,劳顿具有极好的位置感。正是由于防守意识的增强,他才提高了声誉。他平均每场比赛有1.6次拦截,而本赛季场均上升到2.3次。托比(Toby)也是这种类型的球员。他更多地依靠采取最合理的方式在适当的时间和适当的位置减轻热刺的防守压力,而不是依靠鲁re的铲球。作为出色的榜样,罗顿可以帮助他在比利时人yabo88亚博的带领下将比赛的这一方面提升到更高的水平。 , 在威尔士国家队队友贝尔和本·戴维斯的帮助下,罗顿适应球队并不成问题。今年,他可能不是俱乐部的首选,但热刺已经找到了难题的最后一部分。这个潜在的中央后卫将在一个良好的环境中迅速成长,并在未来成为坚不可摧的隔离墙。

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