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yabo88亚博_8年半之后米兰重返积分榜榜首 首发11人不足23岁未来可期
名称:yabo88亚博_8年半之后米兰重返积分榜榜首 首发11人不足23岁未来可期

After defeating Spezia, AC Milan topped the standings with a three-game winning streak. "Gazzetta dello Sport" pointed out that this is the first time Milan has led Serie A in eight and a half years (after three rounds) and the first time since March 31, 2012. Even more surprising is that Milan's starting lineup is only 22 years old and 287 days old. This is a young but outstanding Rossoneri.

在击败Spezia之后,AC米兰以三连胜赢得了积分榜冠军。 《米兰体育报》指出,这是米兰八年半以来第一次带领意甲联赛(三个回合之后),也是自2012年3月31日以来的第一次。令人惊讶的是米兰的首发阵容只有22个。岁和287天。这是一个年轻但出色的Rossoneri。

In the 2011/12 season, it was Berlusconi who served as Milan's chairman, Galliani was still strategizing, and Milan's coach was Allegri. On March 31, 2012, Milan remained at the top of the standings. Subsequently, Milan lost 1-2 to Florence in the 31st round and was overtaken by Juventus led by Conte. Since then, Milan has never led the standings.

在2011/12赛季,是贝卢斯科尼担任米兰主席,加利亚尼仍在制定战略,米兰的教练是阿莱格里。 2012年3月31日,米兰仍然位居榜首。随后,米兰在第31轮中以1-2输给佛罗伦萨,被孔戴(Conte)带领的尤文图斯(Juventus)击败。从那以后,米兰再也没有领先。

The last time Milan started with a three-game winning streak in Serie A, and a goal was lost in the 1971/72 season, when Rocco was the head coach. Eight-and-a-half years later, after experiencing shocks, ups and downs and revolutions, Milan has returned to the top position of the standings, and also returned to the position overlooking Juventus and Inter. After the national team match day, Milan will face Inter Milan in Derby.


Although Ibrahimovic was unable to play and despite the fact that the team was very young, they overcame various difficulties in a difficult schedule of 8 days and 3 games. While getting tickets to the Europa group stage, they also maintained a momentum of victory in Serie A. In order to cope with the busy schedule, Pioli made full use of the rules that can replace 5 people.


In the battle against Spezia, Pioli ranked the starting lineup with an average age of only 22 years and 287 days, at least the youngest starting lineup in Serie A in the past 15 years. Elliott and Gazidis set the tone for Milan, that is, young players with low transfer fees and low annual salaries. Against Spezia, Milan’s starting lineup had 7 players born after January 1, 1999, making the Rossoneri the first team in the five major leagues to do this.


In the face of difficulties, Pioli did not feel intimidated, but trusted these young but aggressive players. Ibrahimovic can not play, the average age of Milan's starting lineup will decline, but Milan fans worry that the team's scoring ability and combat effectiveness will also decline. However, Milan’s young players did not disappoint. They extended their unbeaten record to 19 games. In Serie A, Milan remained unbeaten in 15 consecutive games for the first time since March 2007.


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For Milan, 2007 was a glorious year in the club's history. They won the Champions League in Athens. It was Maldini who raised the Big Ears trophy, and 13 years later, his son Daniel Maldini has played for Milan. In the Milan Derby, Ibrahimovic is expected to make a comeback, but Pioli's Milan proved one thing: Serie A can also become a paradise for young people.

对于米兰来说,2007年是俱乐部历史上光荣的一年。他们在雅典赢得了冠军联赛。马尔蒂尼(Maldini)赢得了大耳朵奖杯,而13年后,他的儿子丹尼尔(Daniel Maldini)为米兰效力。在米兰德比,易卜拉欣莫维奇有望卷土重来,但皮奥利的米兰证明了一件事:意甲联赛也可以成为年轻人的天堂。

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